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Do Pawn Shops Accept Cell Phones?

Just like at flea sales and liquidation shops, you can never be entirely sure what you’ll see at the local pawn shop. If you want some extra cash, you may be considering selling or pawning your cell phone. Some pawn shops take cell phones, but some do not. Therefore, you must find pawn shops that buy cell phones along with other items.

At the Pawn Shop’s Preference

Specific items may have a clearer or small disputable value to them. This is why several pawn shops will readily take jewelry, gold, silver, precious metals, and the like. This price is less likely to reduce significantly over time. Cell phones are distinct because even a high-end phone from a few years ago is worth minimal today.

It is eventually at the choice of the pawn shop whether they are ready to buy your cell phone. This is correct whether you are involved in pawning your cell phone to obtain a loan, or you are attempting to sell your cell phone completely. They may be concerned that you are attempting to sell or pawn a lost phone that is administered essentially useless.

Pawning a Cell Phone? You Must Do the Following!

If you want to pawn or sell your cell phone, there are some steps you must take before you visit a pawnshop itself.

  • Make sure you back up all your essential data if you haven’t already completed so. It covers backing up images and messages.
  • Encrypt the data on your phone if feasible.
  • Do a full factory reset, be certain to erase all personal details.
  • Detach your phone from Android Device Manager or Find My iPhone (iCloud) so the service no more tries to track its location.
  • Take a record of the specific make and model of the cell phone you’d want to pawn. What exact version is it? What storage space does it have? What carrier is it from?
  • Look for the contact details of local pawn shops in your region.
  • Call first to verify the pawnshop is ready to accept cell phones. Not at all shops will take them, and you don’t want to waste a visit.
  • Study online to discover a reasonable market value for your phone. Look for the same or related used phones on other sites for more reference.
  • Hit the pawnshop with a photo ID, and be ready to negotiate.

How Can I Maximize the Value of My Cell Phone?

If you are attempting to pawn a more traditional flip phone, it’s doubtful any pawn shop will be impressed. Those brands of phones aren’t worth very much. Even smartphones that are longer than a couple of years old can be of little importance. Keep this in mind when considering how much money you can anticipate, particularly if you are pawning the phone and not selling it.

Visit a pawn shop near you and appraise the value of your cell phone. If you think the quotation is right for you, then only proceed with the deal. You are under no obligation to accept the deal if you are not interested.

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